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The Matron of Honor

Mary Torrey

   Mary and Kayln first met at a New Year’s Eve party in 2009 hosted by groomsmen Will Burnard. Mary, originally from Boston, MA, came to Ohio to attend The Ohio State University. Kayln and Mary quickly became close friends through their love of reading and all things Tolkein.
   Through all of life’s ups and downs Mary has always provided a helping hand and a sympathetic heart, so there was no one Kayln would rather have standing next to her as she said “I Do” to the love of her life. Mary recently had a wedding of her own in Boston, MA to groomsmen Will Gruber.

The Best Man

Frank Bartley

   Francis Edward Bartley is Matt’s sole and eldest brother. Frank has always been a “Best Man” to Matt. From sidewalk chalk to getting a drivers license, Frank has provided his fair share of sound advice and lessons-learned for his younger brother. That bond of brotherhood continues in their lives today. Frank is a proud graduate of Texas State University and lives in Austin Texas with his fiancé, Calysta.

The Bridemaids

Sarah Gordon

   The first time Kayln and Sarah met was August 2010 in a small conference room at Cardinal Health. Sarah and Kayln were starting their first jobs out of college together and met over Workday training. Sarah had just returned from her Honeymoon and Kayln and Matt had moved into their home just days before. Sarah and Kayln began to bond instantly about all things growing up; taxes, performance reviews, grocery shopping for two. Through numerous game nights, Instant Messages, Royal Weddings, and coffee breaks. Kayln could think of no better person to include in the Wedding Party

Anne Foell

   Anne Foell will be joining the wedding party from Stuttgart, Germany. Anne and Kayln met in High School during Anne’s year studying aboard. Despite a small language barrier at first, Anne and Kayln were quickly having all night conversations about love, life, and their futures. During these long talks Anne and Kayln promised to always be friends. Matt and Kayln could not be happier that Anne will be traveling over 4,300 miles to be part of their special day. Anne is currently in Medical School at Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz.

Hannah Burnard

   Hannah and Kayln first met at the infamous 2009 New Year’s Eve party at her husband, Will Burnard’s home. Hannah spent the next couple of years finishing school in New Zealand and working in Australia. During this time Hannah sent many encouraging messages to Kayln to cheer her on and she trained for her first Half Marathon. Hannah officially moved to the United States in the fall of 2011 and Kayln and Hannah’s friendship has continued to grow. Congratulations to Hannah as she ran her first Marathon this past October.

The Groomsmen

Will Burnard

   Will and Matt knew each other as childhood neighbors. The two have been best friends throughout some the toughest (and strangest) periods in life: the adolescent and college years. This time includes, 8th grade dances, the struggles of being a teenager without a license, being a teenager with a license, attending college and turning 21. It is was Will’s 21st birthday gathering when Kayln and Matt first met. For that birthday, Matt is forever in Will’s debt. Will currently lives a short walk from Matt with his wife, Hannah.

Daniel Spagnuolo

   Dan Spagnuolo entered Matt’s life directly in the middle of those strange years with Will. Will introduced Dan and Matt during their sophomore year of High School. At the time, Dan was Will’s only friend with a driver’s license. To the hungry, teenaged Matt and Will, Dan’s ability to operate a motor vehicle was nothing short of a miracle. Since then, Matt and Dan have been band-mates in high school and roommates in college. Dan and Matt currently work on small web projects together.

Will Gruber

   Will Gruber and Matt too met through Will Burnard. It was easy for Matt and Will to become great friends very quickly. “Coach”, as Matt often refers to Will, is always there to rally friends together and make the best of any time. A surprising fact about Matt and Will is that the two are loving fathers to a small family of kittens, Brutus, Arya, and Zahra. (Pictures available upon request)